Luxueuze gastvrijheid in een
inspirerende Spaanse atmosfeer.

Winter at Atidos

Winter in Valencia cannot be compared to that in our low countries around the North Sea. The average temperature is soon about 10 to 12 degrees higher than in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. No storms, little rain and certainly no snow and ice. And when the sun shines - which is very often the case - it soon feels like our summers. In short, a climate that is ideal for a short winter holiday.

If you do not come for a holiday at the pool or the beach, you will notice that the Valencian climate is ideal for fun trips. In the vicinity of Ontinyent there are all kinds of cozy towns and villages. With nice shops, terraces (yes, also in winter), old buildings, beautiful museums and other sights.

All these places are easy to reach from Atidos. All less than an hour away. We have all kinds of tips for fun trips and we can advise you the best (very affordable) restaurants and bars.

How about …
The surrounding area of ​​Atidos is also very attractive in winter for a car ride or a hike.
These are just a few examples of the many possible trips from Atidos.
For photos see further under 'surroundings'.

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